Treadmill Conditioning

step up your dog's fitness program

At least 20 minutes of trotting is required to achieve endurance or aerobic exercise.

While treadmill exercise should not be the only form of aerobic/endurance exercise in your K9's conditioning program, it is an excellent way to vary your training regimen. The experts recommend at least 20 minutes at the trot, or 5 minutes of swimming to improve endurance in dogs. 

Treadmill activities in dogs under 15-18 months should be limited to very short sessions to achieve familiarity due to their age and the potential damage to growth plates.

There are several benefits of endurance or aerobic exercise for the working dog:

Choosing the right size treadmill for your dog

The Large DogTread is an appropriate size for most working breeds, but to choose the right size treadmill for your dog, there are three measurement guidelines to note:

Exercise Gait
Load Performance

Dog Weight

As a general guide your dog’s weight can be used to determine the best dog treadmill size to buy. Generally, dogs within the weight parameters outlined by the manufacturer will fit on the recommended treadmill, but not always. Some dogs may have longer legs and weigh less, or some dogs may be heavier with shorter legs than the recommended guidelines. (See Chart Below)

Exercise Gait

It is important to understand that weight guidelines alone do not always make for a full proof fit. For this reason we encourage owners to take a second measurement. It is called a Gait Measurement and is most accurate in determining the best treadmill for your dog.

Measure Your Dog Fully Extended. To do this, get your dog in a down position on its side and extend the legs, both front and back so they both appear to be reaching. The legs don’t need to be straight out – just comfortably extended.
Provide Wiggle Room. Add another 5-10 inches to your dog’s extended measurement. Consider that your dog may drift forward or back and allow for more room to ensure your dog will stride and change gaits at a comfortable speed.
Review the Product Specifications. Each DogTread™ product description provides running area dimensions. Compare your measurements with the individual model specs to determine the best fit.
Multi-pet Family. If you own dogs of many sizes, measure the biggest dog and buy for this size. The smaller dogs can also learn to run on the larger track.

Load Performance

Finally, look for a Performance Load Guideline to tell you the maximum load tested on the dog treadmill. If your dog has a shorter gait, but is heavier than the “recommended weight guidelines” (i.e. the Guideline says for Dogs Up to 30lbs, and your dog weighs 45lbs) then the Performance Load Guideline will tell you if the treadmill selected is adequate for your dog. Please refer to Comparison Chart for Load Performance rating.