We have a true passion for working dogs.

Eric and Tracy Darling have been involved in disaster response for more than 2 decades. This involvement along with a strong love for dogs quickly developed into a dedication to being involved in how dogs are used to help people through search and rescue/recovery. They founded Superfit Canine in 2014 in order to share their experiences in raising and training dogs with others.

Through their experiences with their own disaster dogs, they've learned that the working dog community is full of so many incredible and dedicated individuals whom are equally committed to preparing their dogs for whatever they might face when disaster strikes. This prompted them to create the Superfit Canine Workshops.


K9 Workshop Leadership Team

We pride ourselves in providing training opportunities designed to strengthen deployment ready K9 teams. While most of our workshops are not formally instructional, we only utilize highly experienced working K9 handlers and other professionals to provide leadership to the teams that attend our events.

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