Building a stronger, faster, more fit dog isn't easy. Fitness and conditioning can help take any dog to the next level, and the process can improve the partnership between canine and handler.

Our collection of products are used by handlers and canine sports medicine specialists everywhere to help improve performance, prevent injury, and rehabilitate dogs of all kinds.

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Down/Stand/Down exercise for core and limb strengthening in dogs. Proper form for this exercise is to keep the topline level, and the 4 paws square and stationary throughout. We left these videos unedited to show that perfect form is not always obtained throughout, and adjustments in lure placement and body pressure can be used to encourage form and control speed of movement.

Want to know how to get a K9 exercise plan started? It all begins with learning the proper form and posture in movements

Warming up your dog prior to exercise:


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Click on the photo above to view our Treadmill Conditioning page

Click on the photo above to view our Treadmill Conditioning page