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K9 Decontamination Workshop for US&R Teams: REACT Center, WI

Join us at the Regional Emergency All-Climate Training (REACT) Center in Wisconsin for a 1/2 day workshop on K9 decontamination.

Search K9s are valuable members of the US&R team and just like people are at risk for exposure to hazardous materials while on deployment. In fact, K9s are at an increased risk, since they must work without the personal protective equipment that their human counterparts use. 

While many aspects of K9 decontamination are similar to humans, there are several considerations that must be made when approaching the decontamination of dogs. 

This 1/2 day workshop is designed to provide practical knowledge for US&R Specialists of how to approach the field decontamination of a working K9 taught by US&R Veterinarian, Dr. Lori Gordon. This workshop will include:

  • Emergency and non-emergency gross and technical decontamination
  • Canine Sensitivity to chemical, radiological and biological exposures
  • Canine signs and symptoms of exposure
  • Canine metabolism
  • Safety concerns and handling dogs in the decontamination corridor
  • Canine designed decontamination systems
  • Hands-on experience working with dogs in a decontamination line

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This workshop is designed for US&R Haz-Mat Specialists, K9 handlers and other US&R Team members.

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This event is being held immediately following our K9 Tactical Emergency Casualty Care Course for US&R Medical Specialists and K9 Handlers at the REACT Center. Register for both and get 3 days of quality US&R Training.

About Our Presenter

Dr. Lori Gordon has been an FEMA IST veterinary officer since 2008. She has published scientific papers on injury and illness among urban search and rescue dogs deployed following the Haiti Earthquake in 2010 and the Oso, WA mudslide in 2014 and has authored numerous FEMA reports on the illness and injury data in canines on federal deployment since 2010. She has been deployed to provide valuable medical support to deployed K9 teams over the years including the World Trade Center (2001), Hurricane Sandy (2012), the Oso Mudslide (2014), and Hurricane Matthew (2016).