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2017 Superfit HALLOWEEN Disaster K9 Workshop: MUTC, IN

Combined Live Find/HRD Disaster K9 Training

Come and train with K9 teams from all over the nation at Muscatatuck Urban Training Center, one of the nation's premier urban training sites. 

This non-instructional workshop will allow handlers to expose their dogs to a variety of search problems in a supportive environment. 


Night search on Halloween Night!


We pride ourselves in providing training opportunities designed to strengthen deployment ready K9 teams. While most of our workshops are not formally instructional, we only utilize highly experienced working K9 handlers and other professionals to provide leadership to the teams that attend our events.


During this workshop, our group leads will challenge K9 search teams with a variety of search problems and realistic scenarios from real-world experience to challenge deployment-ready K9 teams. Registrants will work together to develop search strategies and utilize a variety of skills to work efficiently and complete each simulated mission.

Live Find and HRD Problems
Live find teams will be presented with blinded and non-blinded scenarios, utilizing a team of volunteer "survivors" placed throughout the search areas.
HRD teams will have the rare opportunity to expose their dog to a variety of large, fresh source material not often available at other events.

Click HERE for a summary of our 2016 Disaster K9 Workshop at MUTC

  • Intermediate to advanced Live Find/HRD disaster K9 teams (dogs must have a reliable trained final response and be able to search independently from the handler)
  • Mixed rubble, building and open area scenarios
  • Night search on the evening of Day 1 (Halloween)
  • One dog per handler (Live find OR HRD)
  • Audit spots available (without K9): great for handlers with inexperienced dogs, prospective handlers, search team managers, and other personnel that supports K9 search teams in the field
  • Lodging is NOT included during this event. Registrants are responsible for booking their own lodging.

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Later Event: January 12
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