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K9 Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (K9 TECC): Camarillo, CA

  • Ventura County Fire and Police Regional Training Center Camarillo CA (map)

When a working dog goes down, every second counts in providing lifesaving care, and in many environments, veterinary care may be hours to days away. Whether law enforcement, military, or search and rescue oriented, canine handlers, tactical medics, and veterinary personnel supporting tactical canine programs in the field must have more than basic canine first-aid or veterinary clinical skills to give a critically injured dog the best chance for survival. Tactical Canine Casualty Care is an intensive, hands-on, scenario-based training course that covers management of the critically ill or injured working dogs in the tactical or operational environment of unstable or hostile situations, and how to ensure the best emergency veterinary care for these teams.

Based on the principles of human tactical medicine, adapting TCCC/TECC guidelines to the canine patient, this course accommodates the participant’s existing medical and tactical skillset and is appropriate for canine handlers, tactical medics, and veterinary personnel. Scenario and situational-based training moves these didactic topics into the operational environment, covering all aspects of care from care under fire, remote and wilderness care, to veterinary support.

Topics covered include:
Management of massive hemorrhage, airway obstruction, and respiratory compromise
Penetrating abdominal and chest wounds (gunshot, stabbing, impalement, fragmentary/blast injury)
Blunt trauma
Head trauma
Heat Injury
Orthopedic/extremity wounds
Gastric dilatation-volvulus (bloat)
Cold and heat injuries
Critical care transport

Mechanism of Injury: The topics above are presented referencing actual cases with the following mechanism of injury: Gunshot wounds, blast injury, vehicular trauma, animal attacks, stabbing, falls, impalement, heat injury and GDV in the operational environment.

Hands-on skills labs: (Taught to the level appropriate for the individual’s scope of care)
Chest seals and occlusive bandages
IV, SC, and IO catheterization and fluid therapy
Needle decompression of tension pneumothorax/tube thoracotomy
Endotracheal intubation
Surgical airway
Patient packaging and transport on multiple evacuation platforms
Patient assessment and treatment drills, MASCAL management
Pain control and field anesthesia
Bandaging and minor wound care.

Sixteen hours of category 2 CEU will also be awarded for EMS providers, as well as sixteen contact hours for all veterinary personnel. Veterinary CE is approved by the NCVMB.


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Instruction and course content is provided by our friends at Veterinary Tactical Group: VTG instructors are veterinarians, veterinary technicians, tactical medics, and canine handlers with years of experience in military and civilian law enforcement special operations canine and medical units. They share years of experience treating critically injured dogs in the tactical environment in this training to ensure this is not “just another canine first-aid class.”

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