2013 Penn Vet Working Dog Conference 18 DVD Set


2013 Penn Vet Working Dog Conference 18 DVD Set


The Penn Vet Working Dog Conference strives to advance the health and performance of our nation’s working dogs through sharing of cutting edge scientific discoveries and applied techniques. Audience includes veterinarians and technicians, trainers, handlers, breeders, and scientists. Unlike most educational conferences, the Penn Vet Working Dog Conference provides a unique format that facilitates productive conversations and collaborative relationships.

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2013 Penn Vet Working Dog Conference 18 DVD set includes:

Kayce Cover Leading Trainers and Their Canine Partners to Self-Driven Excellence (2 disc set: 2 hrs 56 mins)

Kayce Cover strives to optimize team performance by helping each partner know, perform, and critique their role. The dog must align his purpose with that of his trainer allowing the dog to drive his own excellence. Kayce teaches trainers that through strategic support their working dog can love the work and sustain the standards.  She covers multiple methods to align a dog with their task and how to recognize when that alignment occurs. This two part DVD includes:

Seminar “Leading Trainers andTheir Canine Partners to Self-Driven Excellence”

Hands-On “Relaxation the EASY Way: A Calm Canine is The Best Learner”

Hands-On “Using ‘Name and Explain’ to Turbocharge Training”

Randy Hare, Konnie Hein, Elizabeth Kreitler “On Target” and “Teaching Focused Scenting Methods”: Auto-Shaping and the Detection Dog? (2 disc set: 2 hrs 58 mins)

Working dogs can serve many roles whether they are full time professionals, part-time professionals or hobbyists. Understanding the unique roles that these dogs serve and the physical and mental demands helps us to understand how to better ensure their success and safety. Fitness programs are essential in minimizing injuries that commonly afflict all high energy working and performance dogs. Each occupation can pose unique risks, by understanding the job specific hazards we can keep our dogs working! Utilizing Randy Hare’s method emphasizing “The Game”, this trio offers narcotics, explosive, cadaver and live find search dogs an innovative training tool. The dog learns that scent is the only predictor of success in obtaining the game, so he relies only on his sense of smell, and not his eyes or ears. Randy, Konnie and Elizabeth teach a method centered around the principle of auto-shaping, where the dog educates himself, allowing for clearer and deep-seated learning.  This system allows the dog to learn to separate sensory input received through his eyes and ears from his sense of smell, so he relies on his nose to achieve success. This two part DVD includes:

Seminar: Randy Hare- “On Target” and “Teaching Focused Scenting Methods”: Auto-Shaping and the Detection Dog

Hands-On: Randy Hare- “On Target” All Levels

Hands-On: Konnie Hein and Elizabeth Kreitler- “Teaching Focused Scenting” All Levels

Nicole Larocco, CPDT Utilizing Operant Conditioning and Shaping Techniques to Enhance Creativity, Confidence and problem Solving Skills (2 disc set: 3hrs 17 mins)

In these working sessions, Nicole helps to enhance the human-animal bond between handlers and their dogs.  Her working sessions teach the animal critical thinking skills which will benefit all dogs from family pets to high level obedience competitors to working dogs.  Utilizing free shaping, handlers are able to teach a dog to continue working even if they are exhibiting frustration or are unsure about how to proceed. This two part DVD includes 3 Hands-On sessions:

Foundations of Building a Marker Cue and Shaping Behavior

Strengthening Existing Behaviors Through Shaping

Thinking Outside of the Crate: Building Creativity and Confidence Through Advanced Shaping Techniques

Bob Deeds Teaching Non-Compulsive Directional Control in the Disaster Environment (2 disc set: 2 hrs 32 mins)

Bob Deeds believes teaching directional control is a trainer’s best opportunity to become a team with their dog. Bob shares how to teach directional control with a stress free method that allows the dog the freedom to make decisions without negative repercussions, thus enabling the dog to release its drive in the most productive manner possible. He trains directional control in a manner that mitigates stress and frees the dog to be the best it can be. This two part DVD includes:

Seminar: Teaching Non-Compulsive Directional Control in the Disaster Environment and How Your Canine Team Will Benefit

Hands-On: Positive Reinforcement Based Directional Control for Optimum Performance – Foundation… Building the Pieces

Hands-On: Positive Reinforcement Based Directional Control for Optimum Performance – Applied Directionals- Control the Enhances Independent Search

Michael Ellis Verbal and Non-Verbal Techniques for Creating an “Interactive Reward Event” (2 disc set: 3hrs 17 mins)

Michael Ellis introduces trainers to the marker training system that he teaches at the Michael Ellis School for Dog Trainers. He emphasizes the importance of engagement with your working dog and teaches trainers how to create it. In the hands on sessions, Michael demonstrates these techniques along with trouble shooting methods for a variety of issues handlers’ experience.

Bess Pierce, DVM, DABVP, DACVIM & Cindy M. Otto DVM, PhD, DACVECC Physical Fitness and Training… on both ends of the leash (2 disc set: 3hrs 5 mins)

“Physical Fitness and Training…on both ends of the leash” provides an overview of various working and sporting dog activities.  It also describes several aspects of building a physical fitness training program tailored to the needs of the individual dog in relation to the requirements of the job.  The human component is also discussed, as the health and fitness of the handler is equally important to the success of the team. This two-part DVD includes:

Seminar “Physical Fitness and Training…on both ends of the leash”

Hands-On “Fit to Work” Levels 1 & 2 with Bess Pierce & Cindy Otto

Evan MacLean, PhD, Miles Bensky, Paul Bunker, David Sinn, Scott Thomas, & Annemarie DeAngelo Thinking Like a Dog (2 disc set: 2 hrs 43 mins)

This DVD includes:


Evan MacLean “The Cognitive Skills of Working Dogs”


Evan MacLean has a comprehensive understanding of the growing demand for working dogs, the high attrition rates from many training programs, and the need to develop selection criteria capable of identifying dogs that are likely to succeed in diverse working roles. Evan and his colleagues have developed a battery of tests designed to measure a dogs’ cognitive skills in a range of contexts relevant to working dog populations. He shares the details of the Dog Cognition Test Battery and its ability to assess skills relevant to social cognition (e.g., communication, intention reading), physical cognition (e.g., navigation, spatial memory) and domain general processes (e.g. inhibitory control, working memory).


Miles Bensky “Promoting Key Behavior in Detection Dogs

Miles Bensky discusses the current state of the canine cognition field and the potential for future canine cognition research, specifically involving working dogs. Miles focuses on research completed with the Transportation Security Administration’s Canine Breeding and Development Center involving an enrichment device called the Reward-o-Matic. The research studies he shares seek to measure the potential effects of this enrichment device on program outcomes as well as how we can use enrichment opportunities to measure consistent individual differences in dog behavior.


Scott Thomas “Knowing What You See and Seeing What You Know”

Scott Thomas kicks off the 4 day Penn Vet Working Dog Conference by highlighting the commonalities among the diverse disciplines of working dogs. Scott shares many specific benchmarks in the history of training that remind everyone of the great strides that have been made in understanding of the training of working dogs. He emphasizes the need to work together, across disciplines, to continue the pattern of advancement.

Also included in this 2 part DVD:

Paul Bunker “K2 Solutions’ Canine Research and Development Opens Doors”

David Sinn “Bridging Science and Practice to Improve Working Dog Outcomes: an example from a collaboration between University of Texas and the USA’s TSA-CBDC”

Annemarie DeAngelo “Penn Vet Working Dog Center Overview”

Mark Marsolais, David Brownell, Bonnie Bergin, Ciara Gavin, Gayle Watkins & Dee Bogetti Working Like a Dog (2 disc set: 2hrs 37 mins)

This DVD includes:

Mark Marsolais and David Brownell “Training Canine Skills in a Non-Canine Culture: The Training for Iraq Local Nationals as Detector Dog Handlers, Trainers and Supervisors”

David Brownell and Mark Marsolais share their experiences developing Iraqi nationals into skilled detection dog handlers and trainers. Training personnel from a non-canine culture presents challenges as well as successes. David and Mark share many valuable lessons learned in a case study of starting up and managing a successful detection dog project employing personnel with little or no exposure to a working dog.

Bonnie Bergin “Dog Training Therapy for PTSD”

Bonnie Bergin introduces Paws for Purple Hearts, a unique program in which dogs are part of the clinical therapy provided to our returning Iraq and Afghanistan soldiers. She defines the curriculum utilized by Walter Reed Army Hospital and other institutions to teach Veterans with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder how to train service dogs. Once trained, these dogs will be placed with other soldiers with combat-related injuries.

Ciara Gavin “Allergen Detection Service Dogs: Practical Uses and Training”

Ciara Gavin is the founder of Allergen Detection Service Dogs, a Colorado based company that trains dogs to detect traces of specific allergens (e.g. peanut) in the environment. She speaks honestly about the benefits and potential pitfalls of using dogs for this purpose.

Also included in this 2 part DVD is:

Gayle Watkins “Baby Noses: Introducing Scents to Neonate Hunting and Tracking Dogs”

Dee Bogetti “Training the Diabetic Alert Dog”

Arleigh Reynolds, DVM, PhD, DACVN, Lee Morgan, DVM, Nancy Reyes, Annette Johansson, Clark Pappas, Lukas Franck, Rob Lukason, Parvene Farhoody & Bob Bailey New Insights for the Working Dog Team (2 disc set: 3 hrs 15 mins)

This DVD includes:

Arleigh Reynolds “Beyond Basic Nutrition: Feeding for Optimum Performance”

Arleigh Reynolds, veterinary nutritionist and 2013 North American Champion sprint dog musher, discusses nutrition and conditioning with emphasis on the sled dog. He highlights the role of probiotics and nutritional supplements in maintaining optimal performance.

Lee Morgan “Veterinary Medicine on the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race”

The Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race is a 1049 mile epic race across the frontiers of Alaska that began in 1972. Each year approximately 60-75 teams of 16 dogs each participate in the event. Sled dogs face a variety of medical challenges arising from the rigors of the race. This presentation includes a history of the race and the unique medical and physiological problems a veterinarian faces in treating the canine athletes of this event.

Clark Pappas, Lukas Franck & Rob Lukason “Matching Dog to Handler”

Rob Lukason-Customs & Border Protection, Clark Pappas-Canine Companions for Independence and Lukas Franck-The Seeing Eye offer three distinctive prospectives on pairing handler and canine. Each program has unique selection criteria and team demands, giving trainers insight that can be applied to their own program.

Parvene Farhoody & Bob Bailey “Behavior Analysis: The Science Behind the Training”

Bob Bailey and Parvene Farhoody introduce trainers of all disciplines to the concept of systematic dog training, using applied behavior analysis. They discuss how to utilize a scientifically based evaluation of a training session to increase efficiency. Bob and Parvene also share their techniques for using a mechanized training philosophy which allows them to construct a training program that will drive dogs to a higher level of performance.

Also included in this 2 part DVD is:

Nancy Reyes “Relationship Assessment Tool (RAT)”

Annette Johansson “Detection Dogs: A New Tool for Forest Protection”